Crazy Stupid Christmas Gifts

Christmas Morning and all the packages have been opened!  What did you get?  The question on everybody’s tongue…..

 I asked some family and friends what the craziest, dumbest, most stupid and/or annoying gift they ever got was!  Here are the answers!

Cynthia – a video cabinet for xmas; I do NOT watch movies or TV.  besides my ex giving me the video cabinet, his sister gave me a REALLY ugly candle – probably supposed to be a cardinal.   My husband and his brothers got something weird from their aunt when they were in their 20s: a pair of socks and a flashlight with NO batteries. [The aunt is very wealthy….]

Connie – awesome old decorative plate that was cracked!

Dale – a portable black and white transitor TV AFTER the year 2000 AD!

Mackenzie –Sun Tan Lotion !

Leia –An onion

Yvonne – When i was really young, I was given a little bag of cheerios that I was told to plant outside as a kid and it would grow into a big donut tree. oh lol@myself…I tried really hard, i did!

Connie – Christmas at Dale’s Mom’s house was always great. We would always get his mom something so beautiful. Like a music box or one year I made her a mini tree that lit up and toys all around it. (his brother tore it up thinking if it plugged into the wall rather than the 1 AAA battery it would be way cooler.) lol Oh wait….di I mention he was like 40 something? lol ..But she gave me this crocheted or whatever real heavy white (yellow) bling sequined sweater jacket. It was tarnished from being in the garage and smelled of moth balls. But I loved it until I got home! lol Ity was so exciting to see what trash they would wrap this year!

Stephanie –  My husbands brother gave me a $2.00 ice bucket and thought it was cute…

Jessica (my daughter in law) – an easy button….and we still have it….(Hey, I think I gave this to you guys!…LOL…)

Pat – shower curtian

Karen – a bag of rags from my ex-husband….do I have to say more? LOL

My favorite answer came from my oldest son….

Stephen – Honestly…I can’t remember a stupid or dumb gift. Most of the time it’s something practical or something I really wanted. Maybe I’ve just been blessed @ Christmas, or maybe I’ve just had people in my life who have put thought into the gifts they’ve given me.


About pargasjunkyard

Hi! Throughout my life I have worn many hats.... but my favorite hat is that of a wife to my wonderful husband Johnnie and mother to my own 5 children and now step-mother to Johnnies 4 and grandmother in total of 11!
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